Still alive and writing

For those of you who wonder “Will anything happen here?” or “That last post is not really from May, right?” I can say “Yes” and “Yes”.

I am still here and I am busily editing the second half of ‘Sra’kalor’. While my plans had been to publish earlier this year a few things came into the way and I pushed the date. While I have hopes to finish by the end of the year it is more realistic to go for the first months of the new year. But who knows, maybe I’ll surprise myself.

I’m still as excited as I have been before and cannot wait to begin with the second part of the Trilogy. But before I do that, I’ll finish this one. Sounds like a good idea, right?

So this is a short update and I’ll promise to not let you wait for the next one. Until then, keep reading all those fantastic books out there.



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