Snippets – Prompt #1

I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of snippets. What are these you ask, well that is easy. A snippet is something I wrote but never continued, or which was disconnected sentence which could have turned into a story. I am pretty sure that every writer has these. Sometimes they are even several pages long, other times it is a sentence or a paragraph. Something that popped into our minds and we just had to write them down. So that is what I call Snippets.

Last night, while thinking about these snippets and reading a few of those that I have collected, I had an idea, that I would like to share with you! In my post about what I do to overcome my writer’s block, I mentioned that Writing Prompts can be quite a powerful tool. I also love to see what people come up with in their creative minds, when it comes to those prompts.

So, I will be sharing my snippets with you, and I would simply LOVE to see what you come up with, if it inspires you. It can be anything from building a story around the snippet, to something that follows the atmosphere; be it short/long story, poetry, lyrics and so on. The first prompt is the following:

Writing Prompt Snippet
Writing Prompt Snippet #1

If you are prompted to write something, please share it in the comments, so I can see what you came up with, I’d really love to see it. Also share the snippets with friends if you think they would enjoy them. I can’t wait to see how these snippets come to life.


6 thoughts on “Snippets – Prompt #1

  1. This rooftop used to belong to him. He could feel all 45 floors of the building beneath it pulsing, his feet fairly throbbing from the myriad of lives being lived in this luxury apartment complex in the heart of New York City.

    And then he’d gotten cocky and started betting… and drinking last night, and as the rare, pricey whiskey rushed to his head, all common sense fled, along with his self control. He’d lost his penthouse suite in the fanning of a bad hand of cards. But he could win it back, just a few winks from Lady Luck and he’d be back in the black.

    “Damn whiskey. I should have stuck with gin. Well, it’s time to wave good bye to my former tenants. One floor at a time.” He raised his hand, quirked a smile, stepped into the cool air and greeted everyone he’d failed, right on down to the bottom floor.

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  2. That is so great Ceejay. So much conveyed in the story, that I can see the past events in my head like a movie, that lead up to this moment. And that last paragraph gave me goosebumps. Fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing it with me! πŸ™‚


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