Snippets – Prompt #2

It is time for another Snippet! Thank you to those, who have shared their fantastic stories prompted by the first snippet. I really loved seeing what you did with your imagination and creativity. For those among you who are new here, here is how this works:

I am posting a Snippet below. It is something I wrote down at some point and did not develop, but I would love to see get its own life. Then you go and write whatever pops into your mind. You can make it a story about how it came to this, or maybe it is the beginning or the middle. You can write a poem, or anything else that is inspired by the Snippet. If you want, you can share it in the comments, because I would LOVE to see what you did with the Snippet, and show it to everyone. Easy enough, right?

So here we go:


I am looking very much forward to see what you come up with. Also don’t forget my Sra’kalor Giveaway. It’ll run until the 20th so you still got some time to enter. How to do that you can see here.

Stay creative and until next time. 🙂


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