When the pain fades…

For a couple of days I have been sitting here with severely sore muscles. It can be quite painful, as some of you know, when you make your muscles do stuff, that they are not used to. For me that happened on Friday and today is the first day without pain, so it took a while. Now I know not everyone is like me, and only go on for a day after that or maybe not at all, but it made me notice something.

sore muscles

I have read so many books and stories, in which the characters so things to their body, they are not used to. They run, jump, fight for their life or do the “horizontal dance” (later often explicity mentioned as being the first time at all or the first time in ages). Either way, I do not remember once that they had sore muscles or any other side effects from it (even wounds and injuries heal smoother and absolutely painless). I would expect them to at least be so beat afterwards, that they do not want to move for a day, oh well maybe hours.

As far as I remember none of the books I read had that little detail. The characters asked the most of their body and went on right into the next event without a break. How are they doing it? Is it magic? 😉

Do you remember a book or story in which the characters have pain or sore muscles or similar for more than 5 minutes? I’m really curious if there are writers bringing in details like that. Or do you think that writers should not include that type of realism into their stories? If not, then why?

I would love to hear what you think, feel free to comment below.


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