“Enemy of my Enemy” Reveal

A few times I have been asked what I am working on at the moment.  One of the projects is getting into stages at which I can tell you more about it! I have mentioned my dear friend Jonathan Snyder before and he is working on a Sci-Fi Roleplaying System called “Blood in Space”.

It is an honor for me, that he has asked me to write a novella based on that universe. I’m excited to tell you that the first draft of that novella is done now! The part of the universe I chose to write about is a member of a species Jonathan invented called the “Atelak”. The Atelak are a proud species of hunters and warriors. One of the steps in the life of an Atelak is to go on their own personal hunt to either hunt or battle enemies for prestige and honor. My story is about one of these proud people and their own personal hunt.

Larenssa had always dreamed of her life as a strong warrior and worked all her young life to be ready to bring glory and honor to her tribe. Passing her initiation rites was a challenge, but it would pale compared to what she would endure on the traditional hunt.

Leaving her tribe behind, Larenssa began one of the most important journeys of her life. She will find herself at the mercy of her prey and be forced to make a decision. What will happen when the tables are turned and she becomes the hunted?

I will continue working on its edits and hope that we will be able to bring the exciting story about Larenssa’s hunt to you very soon!


Sra’kalor – Revision in the works!

As you might remember from my last blogpost, there are exciting things at the horizon for me, all kinds of different projects. One of them, I can finally share with you!

Sra’kalor – which I have released in March this year – is undergoing revision! The fantastic editor Emily Roller, has been working hard on the novel and I have just received the final edit. That means that I will be able to soon release an even better Sra’kalor!

I hope that this will be really soon and I’ll be busy to make that happen! Stay tuned and get ready for the freshly edited Sra’kalor, part one of the Ashwood Falls Trilogy!

Almost there!

Your patience with me, and the time I take to make Sra’kalor as good as possible, is awesome. And it will be rewarded. I am almost done! I’m in my last editing round and have one chapter left that needs to be checked and proof read. Since today is the last day of the year I won’t be getting there today, but very soon. Hopefully by the end of the month! And I hope that you are as excited about this as I am. Because that means that I’ll soon be able to start with the second part of the Ashwood Falls Trilogy!

Speaking of the last day of the year. I hope that everyone of you will have a great night and a fantastic start into the new year. I’m wishing you all the best possible 2015! See you on the other side of the date-border.

xo xo


The first step …

… of a journey is always the split second you decide to walk the way. It can be scary, it can be uplifting and exciting. The beginning can be everything you make of it, everything that you want.

The beginning for me was when my mind was filled with so many words, emotions and stories that all I could think of was to bring them to paper, preferably before my head explodes. I was a child, though I do not remember the exact age, when that happened.  Short two line notes were the start, later they grew to poems and after some time into short stories.

I cannot remember a time in which I did not write. Over the years that grew into love, into a need just like breathing. Written words help me to say things my mouth cannot form.

The stories grew, were filled with more color, scents and emotions until they were little cities living in my mind, filled with people who all wanted to tell me of their life. I wrote down many of them, most of them were rather short.

But now I have a deep and long conversation with a woman called Alana. She is telling me how her new life began when she came to Ashwood Falls. It is a story of magic, new beginnings, fears, love, strength and loyalty. A story pulling me in and granting wings to my imagination.

This is the story of Sra’kalor, the first part in the Ashwood Falls Series. A novel, soon to be released for several e-book formats through Smashwords.com.