The Night’s Muse Poetry – I want to see you

I am sure I’m not the only person who lies in bed and their brain doesn’t shut up. I have that happening about every night. One thing that does not happen as often is that words I feel are not my own come into my head and refuse to leave until I wrote them down. It happened maybe a dozen times in my whole life. It still feels kinda special.

Last night was one of those moments. The words repeated themselves over and over until I finally gave up, grabbed my Kindle from the nightstand and started writing what that voice shouted into my mind. Once I started it became a whisper, just loud enough for me to hear. Afterward, I put the Kindle back onto the nightstand and fell asleep within seconds.

These moments are as magical as they are strange. But as it seemed to be important enough to cost me some precious sleep, I wanted to share the result with you. Hope you’ll enjoy. 🙂



Did this ever happen to you? What did you come up with? Did you follow that demand or did you ignore it? Tell me about it in the comments! 🙂


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Kindle Countdown Deal – Kaleidoscope of my mind – ENDED

poetry, kaleidoscope of my mind

I’m super excited (yes I am a lot of exicted lately 😉 )

If you have access to or I have a special Kindle Countdown Deal for you! Until May 8th you can get my Poetry book “Kaleidoscope of my mind” for only 0.99$ / 0.99£
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My poetry is not of the rhyming kind, it comes from my heart and with feeling and embraces many subjects like nature, love, pain, depression, seasons and more.

Please spead the word and enjoy some poetry that I have written through the years.

Deafening Silence – Poetry Video

A little more than a week ago, I posted the poetry piece Deafening Silence on my blog. I did mention, that I wrote it with my voice reciting it in my head. It’s pretty normal to hear voices, when you write that much, but it is rarely my own. And it did not stop after writing it down. So last night, I made a video from it, reading it myself.

I am not a narrator, just a writer, so it is not perfect, but I still like it. Enjoy!

“Kaleidoscope of my mind” – A poetry compilation

Over the years I have not only written stories and songs nobody might ever get to see, but also poetry. Not the kind that rhymes and follows structure, but the kind that comes from the heart. A compilation of my poetry has now hit the Amazon Bookshelves.

This collection of poetry is my past, my present and my future. There is not one theme I write about, but anything, that finds its way into my mind. I hope you will enjoy, the facets, the kaleidoscope of my mind.

Kaleidoscope of my mind

I have entered Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Select. That means you can find the book in amazon’s Kindle Owners’ Lending Library and through Kindle Unlimited. That also means that it is available world wide!


Deafening Silence

Last night I had a moment of inspiration. I already was in bed, when words floated to my mind, and they did not stop until I wrote them down on a piece of paper in my notebook, that I keep beside my bed. Hope you enjoy.

Deafening Silence

The image is a beautiful stock photo by phatpuppy, which you can get on deviantart here!